To The Escape Room I Go!

To The Escape Room I Go! - Anchor Of Promise


I admit it.  If I have the chance to hide from my teen, I would do it in a heartbeat.  There are just times in which I have to go to my escape room and lock the door.  

I hid there for many reasons.  When I kept myself from acting out against my own teen and regret my words or actions, my escape room was the place to go. Other reasons were to keep my sanity or not allow my teen to see me fall apart.  I went there for solitude, to help me think, and to let go of my own pain of being a parent to a child in constant crisis.  

My escape zone…..the bathroom.  It was the one place in which everyone respects.  After all, we shower there, utilize the toilet, do our hair, change our clothes, and so on. A good portion of family members keep their distance and not barge in on you when you are in there.  Why? Because the bathroom is often their sanctuary and safe place too.  

Mind you, I didn’t have a large bathroom. I especially did not have one like you see in the magazines.  For me, just a small bathroom, and one to get yourself clean was good enough. My favorite part of the bathroom was the window. When the different seasons came and went, I started to appreciate the rain, snowflakes, the wind, and the birds chirping too.  I would enjoy the rays of the sun shining on my face and looking up to heaven to seek God too. Other times I just loved to sit there and peer out my bathroom window.  

I believe those were my most intimate times with God.  I had nowhere to go but into my escape room. The kids knew that when I was in the bathroom, it was off limits to everyone else.  I did a lot of crying and praying. I told God my innermost secrets, pain, and hurt. I would read my Bible and God would answer me in the still small voice that He continues to do today.  

I have since moved and created another escape room.  Give you a chance to guess, but I’m sure you will know right away.  My new bathroom! It is a little bigger ,and again my most favorite part is the window with the sun’s rays hitting the walls and floor.  For others, it is an office, a bedroom, a loft, an attic, and even a barn where the animals live.  Wherever your escape room is, it is the one place you feel safe and private. 

So the next time you head to your escape room for relief, peace, to cry a tear or two, go in with this verse below.  He loves you and knows your needs. He will comfort you and give you rest for your troubled spirit.  

Matthew 6:6 “When you pray, go to your room and close the door. Pray privately to your Father who is with you. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you.

Photo by Natalia Figueredo on Unsplash

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