Stacy Lee Flury has served in the Church for well over 30 years in various ministries. Those ministries consist of: Children’s Ministry Teacher, Youth Group Teacher, Worship Team Ministry, VBS Director, Mime Ministry, 10/40 Missions Club, and a plethora of other ministry leadership roles.

Before publishing her devotional, Stacy Lee was a contributing writer to the youth for the Christian Blessings Blog which has a following of over a million and a half viewers worldwide. She was also a contributor for Ruby for Women’s online RUBY magazine for Christian Women.

When not writing, Stacy Lee has had the privilege of being a guest speaker for Cathy Taylor, founder of Hurting Moms Mending Hearts, (an online community of hurting moms seeking encouragement and hope in their time of need) as well as a guest on Moms with Dreams Podcast Show with Erica Blocker.

Certified in Biblical Counseling, Stacy Lee loves to help grow the faith of parents with goals for restoration and healing for their family. She has traveled to different venues to share her story, minister to parents, and pray for those hurting.

Her biggest accomplishment - Awarded the 2021 Enduring Light Silver Medal for Exemplary Christian-Themed Books published since the year 2000.

What Others Say About Stacy Lee Flury

If you’ve ever parented a child in crisis, you’re in good company - Stacy Lee Flury serves as a voice of compassion and wisdom after spendings years in the trenches with her own daughter. Now, she’s able to offer comfort, encouragement, and the practical advice she gleaned from walking through her own “valley of the shadow.”

Jim Daly, President - Focus on the Family

As a parent who years ago struggled through the difficult years of a troubled teenager, I welcomed this book. It is straightforward and honest. A teenager's emotional behavior affects the whole family. The turmoil, at times, can be strangling. Stacy Lee Flury tells her story with quality writing and attention to detail. She touches on all the emotional elements that affect parents' lives when a child goes astray. The story is heart-breaking--yet Stacy brings hope to the broken-hearted. She tells her story by identifying 45 typical emotional reactions, then tailors her hope-filled response to each situation. Anger, disappointment, Facades, Pride, Rejection, and so many more. She touches on them all. Her book and speaking would be useful for parents, teachers, counselors or anyone working with teens in crisis.

Janice Heck, Co-author with Bob Chaplain of Triumph Over Terror: Ground Zero and ADHD: You've Got My Attention.

Stacy Flury knows whereof she speaks and writes. An expert in helping parents of children in crisis, she offers hope, compassion, and sound Biblical counsel for hurting parents who may not know what to do or where to turn.

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, Certified Life Coach, Certified Behavioral Consultant, and Certified Biblical Counselor