The Warning Signs – Do you know what they are?

The Warning Signs - Do You Know What They Are - Anchor of Promise

Warning signs!  Why do we miss them?  Are we in denial or give excuse to being another issue?  Were there things taken too lightly when it was something very serious? There were many signs in Dylan’s life.

For Sue, the mother of Dylan Klebold -one of the mass murderers at the Columbine High School,  it is questions like these that she ponders over and over in her head.  Yes, she missed many of them, but hold on. There were others too that missed the signs. Doctors, authorities, teachers, etc… that did not connect the pieces that were so important and could have altered the outcome of the Columbine shooting.

This 20/20 video interview of Sue Klebold is eye-opening.  These questions are addressed as well as what authorities missed and how this event is leading the way to bringing about awareness to mental illness, depression, suicidal tendencies and violence.

At the conclusion of this video, you as a parent will be well informed and prepared on what help your teen needs.  God will surely provide the strength and knowledge to do what is necessary to bring healing to your child.


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