The Road of Silence…Or Is It?


The Road of Silence...Or Is It - Anchor of Promise

In the past six months I have had to travel.  Most of my stops have been to North Jersey.  This has given me a tremendous amount of time driving in complete silence.  

I wish my travels took me on rural country roads to digest the scenery around me.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get to pick the roads towards my destination.  Instead, it is a paved road surrounded on each side with other travelers.  

This can be quite boring. As with most people who are traveling, playing music takes the place of silence and drowns out the many daily events in one’s life.  I personally love music so this is easy to do.

However, as much as music is a nice distraction, it does not keep out the emotional struggles, thoughts, fears, and worries that a parent can often have with a teen in crisis.  As parents of teens who struggle and in deep pain, we often feel overwhelmed. We look for a getaway from the stress.  Car rides alone often offer this.

I use to hate to drive.  I’d rather be doing something more productive.  Now I find great comfort in it.  How?  Because it is a time in which I can have one on one conversations with God.  I start out thanking Him for everything in my life. Even the really tough stuff.  Then I continue by giving Him praise for not only what He has done in our family, but what He continues to do.

Most importantly,  I love to reach that deeper place of communing with God. I can open and pour out my heart completely and freely without inhibition.

Yes, when you have a lot of time on your hands, your conversations with God become longer and more intimate. You are given opportunities to get really honest with yourself and how to pray for your children too.

Now I don’t always pray in my car.  Sometimes I just listen.  Listen to music? No.  I just listen. I keep my ears tuned to hear God’s still small voice.  You see, It isn’t always about praying.  Learning how to listen is important too.  It brings us to a place that speaks truth, correction, humbleness, and more. In fact, it can help you find rest in Him despite your family crisis.  It is a time in which you ask the Lord to show you the things He wants you to see.

When those answers are revealed, it may come as powerful, moving, reflective or discerning.  No matter what you get from it, You will know that God has spoken to you.

So the next time you get into your car for a drive, ask God to reveal Himself to you in a new way.  I guarantee you won’t find yourself on a trip filled with silence.

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