Sometimes Crises Continue but God is Still in Control

Sometimes Crises Continue But God is Still in Control - Anchor of Promise


As many know, I just published a devotional for parents with teens in crisis.  One of the thoughts of those reading my book was, “I guess her kids are doing great and out of their problems.”  

Just need to say this… The answer to that is “No!”  They are still struggling and dealing with a lot of issues.  Some are extremely serious and other problems will need more time to heal.  

The point is this…the issues I faced in the past are very different in how I face them today. Why?  Throughout the years while my children were hurting and in pain, I was a parent who was broken too. I carried guilt, shame, discouragement, hopelessness, and many other emotions too heavy for a parent to be burdened with. I also struggled with chronic depression and was not in a healthy place. 

In the midst of this heaviness, I sought counseling for myself.  As a parent, we are always putting our children above our own needs, especially when they are in crisis.  There lies the problem. We cannot provide their healing if we are broken too. 

The knowledge I learned from that experience is that I could not control my child’s constant crises. This did not negate the fact that God was in control.  In fact, He was in more control of their life than I could ever be. He knows their heart. He knows their mind. He knows their hurts and pain. He knows their mistakes and failures.  He knows EVERYTHING!  

So where does this leave me?  Praying and laying before the throne of God all of my concerns, worries, fears, problems, and even crises.  My backpack of problems is now empty. I can walk away with a lighter load on my back and move forward with a new freedom.  I must learn to let my children go into God’s hands and not try to take on their problems. God does not need my help. He is perfectly fine in what He is doing.  

Will this be easy? For some, yes.  For others, no. However, one thing is true, you can count on God to never leave you or forsake you during your storms of parenting.  He will guide you no matter what part of the wilderness you are walking in and how many crises come into your life. So, hold on to your faith and trust in His Word.  God is in control.



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  1. Dr. MaryAnn Diorio on November 14, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    Truth that comforts the heart and soul and sets one free. Thank you, Stacy, for your encouraging words.

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