Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the most celebrated holiday of the year. Social media is flooded with pictures of happy mothers and their children as well as husbands telling their wives how wonderful she is as a mother. 

What you do not see are the broken-hearted mothers who are grieving privately in their homes, at work, and in the Church. These moms are over inundated with messages around them about how great it is to be a mother while they are hurting over their child in crisis. 

Some of these mothers spend time at their child’s bedside at a mental hospital.  Some of these mothers are visiting their child in a correctional facility.  Some of these mothers are having to remove their child out of the house due to drug and alcohol addictions, rebelliousness, or even abuse by their own teen or young adult. 

Those mothers are not celebrating. In fact, they are praying, seeking, hoping, and crying over their wayward child.  The teens and young adults of this generation are very lost. They have been displaced emotionally and mentally due to the pandemic, unsure of their future, and paralyzed by the changing world and who they are. Not able to grasp these changes, they seek out temporary things to take their minds away from their reality. 

As a mother, we too are lost. We find ourselves wondering how to help our child, whether or not we are a good mother, laden with guilt and sorrow. We feel envious of other mothers who have not been affected by a child in constant crisis. Our hopes and dreams for our children are shattered by their bad choices and unwise decisions as well as dangerous lifestyles and rebellious behaviors.  We think to ourselves, “Where did we go wrong?”

Let us think of all of the mothers in the Bible whose child made bad choices or had difficulties in their life.. There was Samson who got whisked away from truth and obedience by Delilah. There was Moses who murdered a man. There were followers of God who struggled with depression. King David had an affair and had someone murdered. These are just a few examples of those who struggled or went wayward in their life. However, God used them for His glory.  Guess what? God can also use your child for His Glory as well.  

The Lord is working in your teen and young adult’s life.  So even though we may see unsettling things our child does or says, this does not mean God stopped working on them.  In fact, He is constantly pursuing them, loving them, and has great plans for them.  Our job as a mother is to just pray. Pray!  That is all. Just pray.  Let God take care of the rest.  

So, for this Mother’s Day, rest in knowing that God is actively involved with your child and will fulfill His plans accordingly.  Don’t let the enemy steal your joy.  Take heart dear mom, God has got this.  He loves you and your child. 

Photo by Sooz . on Unsplash

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