Happy Mother’s Day!

Someone asked me recently what would be the best Mother’s Day gift I could receive. I only had one answer.

I just want my prodigals home. 

Today, thousands of mothers pray for the same answer. Thick picture albums sprawled across the floor of their children from birth into the growing years. They laugh, they cry, think of regrets, and whisper prayers of hope under their breath.

All across the world, Jesus has prodigal children too. He desires for them to come home, too. He laments for them. He has followed them their entire life from birth to even now. He also continues to pursue them. He has never stopped loving them nor has He turned His back on them. 

It is never too late to pray for our children. With God as our Hope, things look less bleak or impossible. He IS the God of possible and the miracle maker.  God’s desire for us as parents is to keep the faith and continue to pray for deliverance. Don’t give up. We are at the threshold in seeing our children come home. 

Our world right now is changing dramatically every day, hour, and second. So much uncertainty and our children feel this too. However, all they picture is fear and hopelessness. Life will get harder and the stability they think they have right now will begin to shake. God is the only one whose foundation is strong. Our children will realize they need a foundation like this too. In due time, they will look to God for hope just like us. 

So, keep the faith Momma! God WILL give you the best Mother’s Day when His plan is completed and ready to unveil.

Photo Courtesy of George Dolgikh: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-ceramic-teacup-2072170/

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