God’s Plans are Filled with Hope

I often think of Mary, mother of Jesus, on Good Friday. I can only imagine the heavy sorrow she bore as she laid her eyes upon Jesus on the cross. When that was not enough, she again would look upon His body for the last time as He was placed in the tomb. 

Oh, how Mary must have had so many thoughts and questions. Did she beg and pray to her Heavenly Father to rescue her son? Did she feel guilt or failure for not doing more to save Him? I know I would be, how about you?

Despite what Mary’s earthly eyes saw, there was so much more in which she did not see. The Heavenly Father’s plans were in action, with full knowledge of Jesus’ redemption and return.

Jesus’ life was not about being Mary’s son. His life sacrificed, was for the salvation of all mankind which includes every wayward, rebellious, hurting, and broken son and daughter. 

However, there is more. His death was also a plan to bring healing, restoration, joy, and hope for all of us here on earth until we receive Him in our heavenly home. 

So, no matter how dark this world is before us, or how bad the situation is with your teen or young adult, do not lose hope. Remember, three days later, Jesus rose from the dead for the victory was won. 

Thank You, Jesus, for Your death and resurrection. Thank You for the plan You have for our prodigal children. Your love for them is endless and You desire to bring them home.

Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

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