Emotionally Wrecked

Your chest is tightened, your stress is through the roof and you fear that if you let one tear out, you will fall apart.  You say to yourself, “I don’t know how much more I can take before I lose it.”

Does this sound familiar? Parents across the globe are already overwhelmed by world events taking place, seeing pictures of war, dealing with division on social media and within the family ranks.  This only adds to the drama when you have a hurting, wayward, and broken child.  

Our teens and young adults are struggling.  They do not know how to handle life’s challenges as it is but to couple it with the craziness of this world, they too, are falling apart. How on earth can we help them when we have our own difficulties?  

Through the years, I tried all different approaches in response to my broken child. I can fully declare now that none of them worked.  Control didn’t work. Setting boundaries didn’t work. Punishments certainly didn’t work. Medications didn’t work. Many sit downs did not work either. This left me weary, frustrated, emotional drained, angry and lost. I could not function.  Daily routines were done in a fog while I hoped that my daughter didn’t do something else that would cause lifelong consequences.  

A turning point for our family, mainly myself and my daughter, is the arrest that came six years ago for a crime she did not commit.  The prosecutors were relentless and would not bend. Talk about emotionally wrecked!  I was on the floor crying as the defense lawyer said she would be looking at twenty years in prison.  At the same time, we were about to lose our house due to skyrocketing interest rates.  

“Where are you God,” I asked?  

He was there.  He saw everything. He also knew how it was going to change my life.  That day, my prayers became petitions before the Lord. My prayers also turned into a life of intimate talk with my Heavenly Father.  I never thought I would get through that difficult time, but God did. Those days and hours seemed to go on forever and yet looking back, they seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. 

My daughter, despite her issues, learned how to rely on God in a way that she never experienced before.  My life wasn’t the only one that changed.  God’s faithfulness was shown over and over during those turbulent months.  We had no idea how this crisis would turn out.  All we knew was as a family, praying together was the only answer.  Today, my daughter can actually say she was thankful for what transpired in her life.  She grew up a lot that year and learned some very valuable lessons about herself and about God’s love for her.  

Whether your child is a teen or young adult, God’s love for your family remains and He wants you to draw near to Him in your time of uncertainty.  He knows your fears, concerns, and thoughts.  God is in the healing and rescue business.  He will NOT leave you or your child stranded.  His plans are for your good as well as your child.  Hold fast to His Word and promises.  Talk to Him who truly understands. Surround yourself with a support team from your Church or family who will uplift you in prayer.

Day by day as you immerse yourself in God, you will find strength again. You will even find a joy amidst the pain. Your time with God will be such a part of you that His presence will be felt no matter where you go and what you do. His peace will cover you. The days of tears will eventually subside and you will be renewed with hope once again. Hold on to the verse above – Psalm 34:17. God hears you and will deliver you in your time of trouble. Hallelujah, God is good!

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