Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven – Shonda’s Story

Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven - Shonda's Story - Anchor Of Promise


Can you imagine a phone call that could change your life forever and shatter your dreams and hopes for your child? Can you imagine your world being rocked apart leaving you shocked, bewildered, numb, scared, and a plethora of other emotions that have you speechless?

Meet Shonda.  She received one of those phone calls after her son Stephen was arrested.  This wasn’t just a petty crime. This was much more serious.  Murder.

Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven is the story of Shonda and her husband Eldon’s life as they journeyed through the Judicial and Appeal Process with their son Stephen in the court system. Sharing from the depths and vulnerability of her heart, she learns how to rely on the Lord and seeing the scriptures from God’s Word in a new perspective.  She intertwines the life of her son being the criminal as no different as some of the faith heroes in the Word of God who also had shady and not so good pasts.  However, just like God changed their lives through freedom, mercy, and grace, He too, was giving Steven and even his parents a new life.  This did not mean necessarily to be set free from a physical jail but emotionally, mentally, and yes, spiritually.  Being incarcerated, Stephen learned about the One True God and being set free from his chains, even in prison.

Today, God has used their family as a beacon of hope to help those in prison as well as their family members on the outside of prison.

The last portion of her book, Prayer Petitions for the Courtroom of Heaven, she shares the strategy in praying and petitioning to the highest court – Heaven, silencing the accuser, and appealing to the Most High Judge on behalf of ourselves and our broken family.

I guarantee, this book is one that will move you, educate you, and prepare you to Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven.


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