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A Real Mother - Anchor Of Promise
For the mom with a teen in crisis, Mother’s Day is often a day that she wants to forget. But that is difficult to do when all she sees are the loving Mother’s Day ads on television or hears wonderful accolades from other children to their mothers.

Instead, she sits there with tears in her eyes because her son sits in the mental hospital due to a suicidal attempt or a daughter who does drugs and has run away for the third time not knowing if she is alive or dead.
It is true stories like these that hit hard to the heart of a mom who is barely able to get through each day as she worries, is hurting, and wonders if she will ever have that relationship you would see in the emotional Hallmark commercials.

Today, I want to tell you what a real mother is.

1. A Real Mother is brave despite her fears. She won’t give in or give up on her child. No matter what the circumstances are, she will still defend and/or support and sometimes be tough.

2. A Real Mother cries and hurts for her child. She will even be disappointed and sometimes angry. But that’s okay. She was gifted with those emotions so when it was the right time to release them, she knows when and how in a Godly way.

3. A Real Mother goes to the ends of the earth to find help for her child. Tired and exhausted, she continues to search each possibility and find the right choices that will help her child heal.

4. A Real Mother keeps saying, “I love you,” when her child says, “I hate you.”

5. A Real Mother doesn’t run away from the problems. In fact, she faces them head on, even in her weakness.

6. A Real Mother is like a momma bear. Fight till the enemy has gone – no matter what she is battling.

7. A Real Mother is willing to say she is not perfect and also willing to make changes to benefit her child.

8. A Real Mother sacrifices – offering her life, her time, and her needs to make her child’s life better.

9. A Real Mother is a full time job with sleepless nights, bottles of tears, heartaches too many to count and a love that doesn’t stop.

10. A Real Mother prays and never gives up hope. She daily asks God for His protection over her child and for God to break the chains that hold her child to the very things that keep them in bondage.

Yes, Mother’s Day is hard for those who have a child in crisis.

So, I honor YOU this Mother’s Day! May God give you a day of rest from your struggles, give you a peek of hope in your circumstances, give you peace in the midst of your storm, and know that your child is not far from God’s eyes or arms.





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  1. Heidi Viars on May 10, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    You are a blessing, dear sister! Thank you for this encouragement.

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