Walking Alone


As a parent of a teen in crisis, you often feel alone and trapped without any help or support.  But surprisingly there are many others walking alone feeling the same way. As a parent of a teen in crisis, many of us like to keep it private or a secret.  For some reason we feel shame as if we are not a good enough parent or that we are a failure as a parent.

I wanted to write this blog to encourage you. You are NOT alone.  You are NOT a failure.   There IS support out there no matter what it is that your family is going through.  I will be posting more blogs in the future on not just the different kinds of crisis’ that teens are in today, but also focus on the tough challenges it brings to us as parents and how do we rise above those challenges to help heal our teen.

I will be sharing many of my own experiences but sharing also that we are human and not a super parent that has all the answers.  I have made plenty of mistakes along the way.  However, despite my mistakes, my daughter has asked me to share with others what we have been through so that your teen or your friend’s teen won’t have to suffer what our family did, specifically my children.

This blog will also come from a Christian perspective and a perspective of not just teens from regular homes, but also teens who have come with a foster care or adoption background.  My main purpose will be to open the doors of this topic and let others know that in Christ, He is our Anchor of Promise that has been given to us.  He will not leave you nor forsake you (Deut. 31:8) and He will give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and He will comfort you in your time of fear and anxiousness  (Is. 41:10).

*Special thanks to my friend Ellen Schneider who provided the beautiful blog image for this post.  Check out her other beautiful photos at www.SeaShellen.com.

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