Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept


I would like to promote a new book by Jayneen Sanders called, “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept”.  The author saw a special need for many children and parents who did not have available a good teaching tool on self-protection as well as learn how to speak up and against sexual abuse.

This book can help educate parents, kids, teachers and caretakers on sexual abuse.  Sexual abuse statistics have risen so much in the past few years and not only is the child abused but is also not believed.

Throughout the pages you will be able to see how abuse is cultivated and groomed in the first place. You will also be able to understand on how to look for the signs that something is wrong and what to do.  This book is has a colorful and easy reading layout.  With lots of pictures in a story time of long ago, it is written beautifully to not scare but to encourage listening and discussion for all involved.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is also available in a teaching format with workbooks, discussion questions and coloring pages.  Please either purchase the book for yourself, a friend or even as a donation to your local library.  This link will take you directly to Jayneen’s website which gives valuable information as well as purchasing the book and teaching tools.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept



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