SHATTER THE STRONGHOLDS! New Book Sneak Peak! Do you want to break the strongholds over your child in crisis? This book (Drafting stage) will take you into the spiritual war room to pray with authority as you decree God’s Word for deliverance and declare God’s promises for restoration.


Prayers with cries of desperation often feel empty and ineffective when fighting enormous battles for your children against disorders, illnesses, addictions, and more. With all honesty, there were times when I had given up and just hoped the prayers that I did pray would be enough.

So why was my faith downtrodden and hopeless? Because I had let my guard down with a ho-hum attitude. My armor of God hung in the closet covered with dust while Satan fed me lies to say my broken family would never be healed. I did not feed on the Word of God like I used to. I collapsed—tired, weak, and hopeless; overwhelmed with guilt, shame, and sadness.

Recently, an unknown author posted a meme on social media that jolted me awake: “If you don’t feel like praying, force it. Because something is forcing you not to pray.” What an eye-opening truth!

I could see several more crises around the corner for my family, and I knew there had to be a change in how I prayed for them. I had a choice, as we all do. I could sit there and wallow over my mistakes, laziness, and disobedience, OR ask for the Lord’s forgiveness and become proactive in praying. I chose the latter.

But once I returned to the path of my prayer journey, I still felt a lack of power and authority. How could this be? I was a spirit-filled Christian. Was I not using the right words? Was I not passionate or sincere enough in my heart? Did I have a doubtful attitude before I even started? I may need to get a book on prayer. It will teach me how to pray, I thought.

With a click here and there on Google, bookstores, and the like, I found many books on prayer. Unfortunately, there were not many books on battling through the specific issues I was dealing with, especially not many using the Word of God to break strongholds.

While in prayer, the Lord ignited a passion in my heart. He wanted me to write a book on how to pray for our children in crisis with power and authority. That day, Heaven poured out a powerful download into my spirit on how to SHATTER the strongholds over our children. 

In this book, you will learn critical elements in the prayer journey for your family. Part One consists of how to receive the power and authority Jesus secured for us through the cross and His Resurrection, why the Armor of God is so crucial to your prayer life, and the importance of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Part Two is the Word of God paraphrased into personal prayers for your child. If you want to see power, healing, and deliverance, I encourage you fully study through Part One of this book first. Otherwise, you will pray over your child with results such as mine—empty and ineffective.

Today, begin your new prayer life to shatter strongholds, restore, and heal your child. Pre-order my new book, Shatter the Strongholds: Pray with Authority Over Your Child in Crisis (link below)

Shatter the Strongholds: Pray with Authority Over Your Child in Crisis

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