Is CBD Oil the answer for your teen in crisis?

Is CBD Oil the Answer for Your Teen in Crisis - Anchor Of Promise


The phenomena of CBD is here!  It is in EVERYTHING! Make-up, Creams, Vapes, Latte’s, facials, and even gummies.  CBD (known as a chemical compound from the cannabis plant), has become an exploding industry which leaves many to question its benefits. A bigger question floating around for many parents –  Could it be considered an option to help those with mental illness and disorders?  

Recently, a conversation came up with a few friends on this very topic.  There is much confusion to this plant-based medicinal option. There are two types of CBD.  The CBD Oil without THC and CBD oil with the THC.  

Some of you may be saying, “I don’t or never did smoke weed so I really don’t know if there is a difference. I don’t even know what THC is.”  

So, let me give a quick lesson on THC.  The Cannabis plant has two components: CBD and THC.  The CBD is the all natural part of the plant which makes the plant oil.  The THC is the component that makes the high in a drug that affects the mind.  In order to break these two apart, they use a process called, “Winterization” – an extraction method to remove certain impurities from the oil. Then it is combined and stirred with 200% proof alcohol, placed in a freezer for 24 hours, and then ready to be filtered. The last part of this process is to heat the oil in order to remove the alcohol. 

After this action is done, then it is ready for the Short Path Distillation – another words, to further the extraction to completion. Please note: there are other ways of extracting oil from this plant. I am only discussing one of those ways. 

For years, the CBD plant was a means of recreational activity with little to no understanding of the other component to the plant.  Scientists did more studies as well as entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck off of a new health craze, and well, there you go, CBD companies making millions.

However, one question remains.  Could this CBD oil (without the marijuana high), be the cure for some of the illnesses and disorders that young people are struggling with or will it lead to something more serious?  

I posed this same question to a Psychiatrist to get his opinion and he had plenty to say.  Although the CBD oil has many great benefits, there will always be a concern for addiction and overdose. There are also side effects. While others do well on it, some patients/clients complain of either no change (which is where the overdose comes into play thinking that the CBD oil is not working) or worsening of their condition. 

Think of it as no different than a reaction to an over the counter medicine.  One of the things brought up in the conversation is where the CBD oil is manufactured from.  The FDA does not regulate the CBD oil. Therefore, some CBD oils may contain a stronger potency of THC that was not completely extracted from the plant and in others a small amount of THC.  

One more thought – the CBD plant also absorbs pesticides and metals and other harmful contaminants that come from the soil and water.  How many companies regularly test their sources on a frequent basis is anyone’s guess.  

The best option is to research and study the pros and cons.  Also take note: Vaping is a tool that CBD oil can be used with.  However, vaping is now a major concern among medical professionals that are urging a ban on vapes.  There are now over 400 cases of vape sickness and several people have died due to damage to the lungs.  Vaping has also been linked as an addiction among youth. Something to consider if CBD oil is being considered for your youth. 

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