Christmas is for the Broken

Christmas. Another special event of the year with festive parties, holiday shopping madness, food preparations, packing for travel, and just plain busyness.

Splashes of family gatherings with Christmas songs, and carols sung around the evergreen tree sounds so magical. In reality, many parents and their families are broken, hurting, shattered, and struggle with thoughts of hopelessness.

Today, moms and dads feel so lost as their sons and daughters fall into addiction, subcultures, depression, self-harm, rebelliousness, and more. Teens and young adults are pulled into bad relationships, false beliefs, and tormented by mental illness and disorders. Oh, how the Heavenly Father’s heart must feel so much pain for His children.

However, God knew. He knew there was nothing that we could do to save our family. And so, He had a perfect plan, created over two thousand years ago just for our families through the birth of Jesus. You see, God’s plan was to save the lost, heal the broken, release the captives, renew the spirit, making each one whole. His plan came in the form of a baby, baby Jesus. The baby who would give us HOPE.

So, if you are sad, downcast, and hurting over your broken family, remember, Jesus came for YOU. His promises endure forever. His gift to you is peace, love, joy, healing, restoration, and most importantly, SALVATION for your wayward children.

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